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European Climate Pact
private sectorYouth Climate Ambassadors (informal group under the Center for United Nations Constitutional Research)

Youth Climate Ambassadors (informal group under the Center for United Nations Constitutional Research)





Education and research

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Informal groups

Pathway pledges

Climate Democracy and Justice

We pledge to advocate for the creation of a United Nations parliament representing everyone; an executive to complement this legislature; and, to ensure justice, the creation of a world court with the competency to prosecute environmental crimes.

World citizens' welfare and human rights are at risk due to climate change impacts. An effective global climate action is currently threatened by the lack of a climate governance system capable of binding countries and big enterprises to fulfill United Nations treaties and agreements. Our pledge aim is to promote awareness and knowledge about the constraints that the current United Nations structure imposes on a vinculative global climate action; and the possible legal changes that can be made to the UN structure that contribute to an effective global climate action

The Epirus Declaration is the culmination of the passion and work of the Youth Climate Ambassadors who attended CUNCR’s Climate Democracy and Justice Training and Summit in July of 2019. After training and speeches in Brussels and Corfu, the summit ended in the village of Vitsa, in the Epirus Mountains of Greece. We want people, world citizens, to be engage in the decision making regarding climate change.

Activities in the next 12 months:

  • A YCA education and training, with constant webinars
  • Youth training in nature-based solutions 
  • Climate Democracy and Justice Summit 2022
  • Participation of our YCA in COY17 and COP27

We hope to reach policymakers at the EU Parliament, and national parliaments and UN officials.

Status date: Submitted (20/10/2021)

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