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European Climate Pact





Arts, entertainment and recreation, Consultancy services, Consumer goods other than food and beverages, Education and research, Tourism and hospitality

Organisation type
Informal groups


Our actions – the Pathway

  • We pledge to double the number of walkers in our city, by 2030; we want to show walking is the best form of urban mobility

We will encourage the Viennese to walk around the city, to build community, for city-storytelling, and to support the local economy. We want people to walk to college, to work, to school, for shopping, to meet friends, to walk home from parties and have time to reflect and get excited about their lives, as well as developing their creative thinking and problem-solving. We create walks to bring the Viennese together in debate, engagement and urban adventures.

Tourism is catastrophic for our climate. We need to find more sustainable alternatives, without losing the thrills of the new, the strange and the opportunity for escape. Vienna Walking Week is an attempt to persuade the Viennese that they do not need to leave in summer, to experience the exotic, beautiful, refreshing, to meet new people, relax and return to work with interesting stories for their colleagues - plus cool photographs for Instagram. We offer 90 walks, mostly in German, and all of which appeal to locals. We want to show that you can rediscover your hometown, if you stroll around it in a colourful group of engaged locals, who want to debate the future of the city, and how it can be better. Vienna walking week will have 16 new events each summer.

Status date: Reported (25/11/2021)

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