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Scientists for Climate - Croatia




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I will actively and committedly advocate scientifically based demands for the creation of ambitious climate-related policies. Till the end of 2021, I will hold at least one meeting with decision makers at the local and at least one at the state level; in doing so, I will strive to involve scientists from relevant disciplines in decision-making processes. In this respect, I will:

  • convey the experiences and demands of those sections of the public who do not have access to authorities;  
  • transfer and exchange the climate-relevant knowledge to general public, as well as specific sections of the public (like schools, peasants, NGOs etc.); 
  • actively advocate an urgent transition to renewable sources of energy, and abandoment of all fossil fuels;
  • advocate low-carbon and socially responsible jobs, transfer, production, trade and lifestyles;
  • connect with related groups internationally.

All of the above mentioned targets will be met by organization of live and online public events, which will be recorded and permanently available on the web.

In the beginning of 2020, I initiated a Plea for Systematic Climate Action, which is signed by more than 550 Croatian scientists from all fields, addressed to Croatian state authorities. As a central part, it includes 11 demands, as follows:

  • that a state of climate emergency be declared at the level of the Republic of Croatia, based on similar decisions made at the level of the EU and a number of other states;
  • that scientists and researchers from a range of disciplines publishing reviewed scientific research on climate change, its implications and/or mitigation be included in devising policies related to climate change;
  • that policies be devised and implemented with a view to creating more sustainable socio-economic models than what we have at present;
  • that systematic and active measures be taken at all levels aimed at raising the general public's awareness of the climate crisis in its entire complexity, which includes the designing of ambitious educational topics related to sustainable development and their inclusion into school curricula;
  • that a program for systematic transition to sustainable energy be implemented as soon as possible, with the final aim to completely abandon the projects for extracting and exploiting fossil fuel, which involves the appropriate retraining and reskilling of workers;
  • that low-carbon jobs and lifestyles, as well as the necessary infrastructure, be acknowledged and encouraged;
  • that especially vulnerable social groups be identified and that action be taken to minimize their vulnerability as well as the damage already suffered;
  • that local production, distribution and trade be encouraged, the kind that does not involve transport of locally available goods from distant countries;
  • that sustainable, low-carbon transport solutions be encouraged, together with the development of necessary infrastructure;
  • that sustainable technological solutions be implemented in all aspects of life, based on comparative lifecycle assessments (LCA);
  • that significant support be given to ambitious scientific research aimed at meeting the challenges of the climate crisis.

This Plea serves as a framework for the action of the initiative Scientists for Climate - Croatia. As the initiator and informal leader of this group, I intend to continue to act actively in accordance with the appeal. This means actively advocating for decisive climate action at all levels

Status date: Submitted (18/10/2021)

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