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European Climate Pact
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Indigenous Perspectives / Indigenous Connection




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My organization and I will do our utmost with all its resources and with full conviction to convey the urgency of the climate crisis to all possible people, organizations and institutions. Doing this in a special way to share the stories of the people who are the first to be affected by the climate crisis by the climate crisis, by sharing their stories and experiences with those for whom climate crisis is just a word or something abstract.

Our vision and mission is to make the climate crisis experience, in word and emotion. With this we want to experience the urgency in every living room, classroom, office and wherever people come. We will work for that every day, with the capacity we have, because we are convinced that stories can change people and people can change a system. Let's work together to overcome Man's greatest challenge!

We take science seriously!
We act on the advice of science!
We give substance to the EU Green Deal and go further where we can!
The 1.5 degree warming still means uncertainty for many countries and peoples (such as the already sinking small island states in the Pacific). We realize this, pass this on and act to the best of our ability! We recognize that the UN-IPCC underlines that Indigenous Peoples are more than 80% of global biodiversity and thus a crucial stakeholder in possible solutions. Here we will give substance to all our activities.

We will collaborate with anyone who wants to tackle the climate crisis. So Employers, Workers, NGOs, ENGOs, Institutes, Politicians, Media etc.

Status date: Submitted (13/10/2021)

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