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European Climate Pact






Organisation type
Informal groups

General Information

The informal group is led by Manuel Lira with alumni of Univiersidad Politécnica de Madrid on Technologies and Strategies for Development. The group consists of about 13 volunteers working towards achieving the pledge.



Our actions – the Pathway

Collaborate with academia to promote its active involvement on sustainability actions as well as a leader of alliance on development and sustainability through the following actions:

  • Encourage our business partners to integrate sustainability metrics in all their deliverables. The target is to organize at least one presentation of the need measure scope 3 emissions - We review the Greenhouse gas emission report issued by Spanish public and private bodies to identify if scope 3 is determined. If so, we evaluate the level of analysis and we issue recommendations.
  • Organise at least 3 workshops- in which the “Climate-Fresk” tool is shared to be delivered at schools around Spanish neighbourhoods to create awareness amongst students belonging to elementary-mid school levels.
  • Support academia to create alliances and be an anchor institution to promote change in the short-term through implementing programs, and providing support to public policy
  • Actively participate in at least one alliance creation - We develop and share communication in social media materials in order to educate on climate change and some actions that could be implemented at individual level to mitigate risks.

Status date: Submitted (20/02/2023)

Data source: Self-reported