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European Climate Pact






Organisation type

General Information

The group consists of friends and neighbors with a common goal of climate action by organizing clean up activities in the region of Serres, Greece, with more than 300 other volunteers since 2020.



Our actions – the Pathway

Our pledge aim is to promote awareness and knowledge about the environment and the actions that are needed to reduce waste.

We are committed to organize trash clean-up activities in the region of Serres (including Kerkini Natura wetland) for the period of the next 12 months, starting from September of 2022 by picking 50,000 liters of trash and returning them back to the recycling system.

At the same time, we will organize school visits and with the support of informal education methods we will create actions together

Status date: Submitted (17/04/2023)

Data source: Self-reported

More information on the pledge

Through our social media every time we complete a clean up action we post our results, including number of liters and Volunteers. After it we share our results with other teams such us "Save Your Hood Greece". At the end we keep an excel file were we track all our activities and total sum-ups.