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European Climate Pact
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Our sustainability mission

We are joining the European Climate Pact to work together with our colleagues, clients and suppliers to call for decisive action on climate change and pave the way for a better future for the generations to come. We will share our expertise and knowledge as a communication consultancy to disseminate and create awareness for climate change to a broader community.


Climate Change Awareness and Communication

Our actions – the Pathway

  • Use our communication knowledge and network to achieve climate impact reduction #Comm4ClimateAction

We pledge to implement the following:

  • 70% of our projects address environmental or social issues that build a more sustainable Europe.
  • 90% of the documentation has been transferred into the electronic version.
  • 50% of our providers and sub-providers we work with are eco-friendly.
  • 100% fulfilment of the principle “Reduce, reuse and recycle “
  • All of Vision Communication’s channels contain information about the company’s participation in the European Climate Pact.
  • 1 monthly post about the importance of climate action.
  • Conduct one bi-monthly challenge or contest on social networks to attract people to join efforts in adaptation to climate change.

Once every two months, we will take up on a challenge on social media related to a particular topic highlighting the importance of the climate change movement. These challenges will be simple and open to whoever wants to join, accessible to all. It will involve taking on different actions, posting pictures or setting trends to raise awareness. The challenges will be available on our social media platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. It is recommended to follow our accounts to keep updated on when the challenges will be released.

Status date: Reported (17/01/2022)

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