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The hot water production for Vooruit Arts Center is being replaced in 2022 by a new system, linked to the heat network of the City of Ghent.

The aim of Vooruit is to replace the production of hot water (based on gas-fired boilers) with hot water via the heat network as soon as possible (that is the work of Vooruit and the end of these works is planned for autumn 2022). This already means the first greening of the energy system. In addition, there is a long-term goal, namely: pursuing further greening and counting on a 100% sustainable supply of heat via the heat network. This means the production of hot water without fossil fuels or on the basis of recoverable heat
(production processes/green energy/…). This will depend on the supplier of the hot water (heating network) providing highly targeted control for the use of heating, based on a new BMS, to reduce consumption. The hot water production for Vooruit Arts Center is being replaced in 2022 by a new system, linked to the heat network of the City of Ghent (manager Luminus).

Heating: the existing and obsolete gas boilers are removed and replaced by heat collectors that are connected to the heat network. The heat network is already equipped with a main coupling in the Vooruit building.
Hot sanitary water: instantaneous water heaters are installed everywhere, which only work according to demand. Arts Center Vooruit contains a concert hall and 4 other large halls. In addition, a dozen rehearsal studios are in use. As a result, the demand for hot water (shower) is highly variable in time and quantity. The latest type of instantaneous water heaters can handle these peaks and ensure that hot water is never kept up to standard in the function of any demand. A linked action here is the renewal of the BMS. By renewing the hot water installations, we have the option of linking the planning software (Yesplan) of the Vooruit Arts Center to the control of this new installation. This means further optimization of the heat consumption (is demand-driven). The BMS is a smart system
that learns from the previous questions and can thus further optimize supply and demand. This optimization is valid for all 360 rooms of Vooruit. The existing installation has an installed capacity of +/- 1700 KW. The new main collector (directly on the
heat network) has an installed capacity of 650 KW. A drastic reduction in heat production. At a later stage, we will also replace the receiving appliances (radiators), allowing them to operate at a lower heat regime. The consequence of this will be that the newly installed capacity of the main collector may decrease further.

The preliminary studies, research into energy-saving measures, have been started since 2018, and actually earlier (2016) if we add the studies that gave us an insight into the different options for storing and extracting energy in a sustainable way. Some suggested ideas were: 
1 Heat Storage Concepts
1.1 Sensible heat storage: Buffer vessel with water
1.2 Latent Heat Storage (PCM): Paraffin
1.3 Thermochemical heat storage (TCM): Salt hydrates
2 Heat Regeneration Concepts
2.1 Recovery from ventilation
2.2 Use heat from the Schelde
2.3 Recovery from waste streams
2.4 Connection to heat network
2.5 Combined heat and power
4.6 Recovery of residual heat
2.7 Heat from the sun
2.8 Kinetic recovery
2.9 Biomass

In 2018, the studies were refined and a SCBA was drawn up, but on a small - applied - scale for Vooruit. The detailed study was drawn up in 2020, based on the following: eliminate all gas boilers and generate heat through the district heating network. At the same time, the study was conducted on the renewal of the BMS, as this ensures more optimal control.

Feasibility studies, energy audits, and preliminary study: 2016 / 2018-2019 
Detail study: 2020
Implementation: 2021-2022
Commissioning of the completely renovated installation: autumn 2022

The step-by-step plan is simple: Vooruit chose to renew the entire hot water production in 1 go, consisting of the replacement of the existing gas boilers (heating) and the hot water production of the sanitary water. In fact, there is only 1 step. Simultaneously with the adaptation of the existing boiler rooms and hot water production, the control system (building management system = BMS = BMS = Building Management System) is also being replaced and adapted, so that a much more targeted control can take place based on

Status date: Reported (01/12/2021)

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