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European Climate Pact
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Green Finance and Energy Centre





Financial services

Organisation type

Value Chain Engagement

Our actions – the Pathway

  • Have a target to get suppliers/customers to set emissions reduction targets in line with the SBTi criteria and recommendations

Green Finance and Energy Centre is a think tank on the topics of sustainable development and energy and a content bank for information on Carbon Footprint. Green Finance and Energy Centre under the management of Mr. Moravenov is developing an index methodology, financial instruments based on sustainability factors.

We plan to engage Bulgarian companies in setting SBTi targets related to emission reductions:

  • To give the topics of  SBTi, climate change and sustainable finance and energy top priority among decision-makers in the business in Bulgaria
  • To be a unifying factor and to lead the public debate on the topics of climate change, net – zero economy and its connection with sustainable finance and energy in Bulgaria
  • To participate in the development of policies in the field of reducing Carbon Footprint as a way to prevent negative effect on the climate
  • To take part, representing Bulgaria, in the European and global networks for climate change

We are targeting the Bulgarian Bank and Non-bank financial sector including the biggest banks in Bulgaria, financial intermediaries, investors, exchange traded companies, big companies, participants in the energy trading market

Activities include:

  • We are in a process of creating a ESG code that will give guidance to all the Bulgarian companies how to do their business in accordance with the sustainable vision of European Union, including reducing the Carbon footprint 
  • Starting a tool for ESG reporting of the Bulgarian companies to report their non-financial actions including Carbon Footprint
  • We plan to create a Green index which will rank the companies by the result of their ESG and Carbon level reporting
  • We plan to become verifier of Green bonds for Bulgaria, representative of Climate Bonds Initiative
  • To provide infrastructure for the financial climate change solutions
  • To promote the ideas among stakeholders and the public through various trainings, seminars, discussions and other initiatives

Status date: Submitted (11/11/2021)

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