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European Climate Pact
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Our actions – the Pathway

We Pledge to radically alter our working practices in favour of a more sustainable option for the health of our planet and future generations; We pledge to achieve this in a very shot period of time and achieve the following goals:

  • To achieve an overall reduction of 75% of vehicle usage by our Team by 2025
  • To reduce office produced waste by 90% by 2025
  • To employ sustainable methods of water usage by staff by 2025

1. We are radically altering internal working practices within Dreher Consulting, firstly and probably the greatest change is the reduction in overall travel for our consultants. Previously, travelling 30-50,000km per year was the norm for a majority of our employees as they attended the workplaces and designated sites of our clients by car or plane throughout mainland Europe. However, Dreher Consulting made a drastic change - moving to a minimum 95% online working model. Meetings, workshops and conferences normally held in the actual were transferred to the virtual with company policies and working practices put in place to support the move and guarantee its long term success. Through the drastic reduction in company vehicle usage, supporting and encouraging staff to take public transport wherever possible and providing consultants with leading edge technology to work remotely including: Laptops, I-Pads and mobile phones, as well providing supporting auxiliary equipment for working from home, Dreher Consulting is ensuring that these new practices are maintained and built upon, not forgotten. Our pledged goal of 75% reduction in vehicle usage has been surpassed and then some already, as we strive for further improvements and reduction.

2. Our second target for the Pact was the reduction in office waste of 90%. From an traditionally heavily paper based industry of IT consulting, Dreher Consulting converted to a paperless working methodology several years ago, however more recently thanks to the introduction of SOP's the only paper to be found in any of the Dreher offices is that of reference publications (purchased prior to the company's digitalisation!). All records, schedules, correspondence and deliverables are from 2021, 100% electronic and online, which has been gratefully received by our employees and clients alike. In turn this means files and record storage is maintained securely in the cloud and not on-site, removing the necessity of 'off site' additional storage facilities. Relevant and specific training for all Dreher staff in sustainability best practices ensured that this transition was both virtually seamless and most importantly - sustainable!   

3. Dreher's final commitment to achieve sustainable water usage for the company as a whole was born from the realisation that the traditional methods of water consumption was creating excessive amounts of plastic waste, with large quantities of bottles being carried out of the office in sacks, which despite being recycled - were still ever present. With the introduction of water coolers for office based staff and recent provision of quality washable cutlery and facilities, the complete removal of plastic bottled waste is easily achievable providing both a modest cost saving for the company and a more substantive benefit for long-term sustainability. 

Status date: Submitted (22/10/2021)

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