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Our actions – the Pathway

  • CoachHub is committed to becoming carbon neutral in all areas of our business by 2023

We commit to:

1.1.1. adopting a climate policy including measuring the carbon footprint of the business activities within the Company by using an appropriate assessment framework. The scope of these measures will comprise the Company’s energy consumption (electric and thermal), the way we commute and travel, the usage of food and drinks, the material which we use and waste as well as the cloud services and electronic devices we make use of.

1.1.2 evaluating and implementing measures to reduce our carbon footprint preferably with yearly targets that also account for the business model and product implications.

1.1.3 compensating the carbon footprint of our direct business operations (which have not been reduced by the above measures) by purchasing Gold Standard and/or VCs certificates.

1.1.4 assessing our performance and adopting a policy in terms of other environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria, inter alia, gender, ethnicity and governance transparency and implementing measures to improve the Company’s ESG impact.

1.2 The Company will review the measures regularly and report the progress to the Investors on a yearly basis.

CoachHub pioneered digital coaching. By its very nature, our innovation contributes to a significant reduction in environmental impact; 100% of our sessions are run remotely via green servers, meaning we have eliminated the need for coaches and coachees to travel, and cut inefficient overheads like large meeting rooms and training spaces. By making this pledge we are using our existing success as a springboard to further our efforts to contribute positively.

Status date: Reported (08/12/2021)

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