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Just Transition Institute Greece






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General Information

The Just Transition Institute Greece (JTIG) is a non-profit civil partnership with the main goal of implementing scientific activities in support of the effort of affected areas [in Greece] to the developmental transformation during the period of lignite phase out. It was founded in 2020 in Kozani by people who live and work professionally in the wider territory of Western Macedonia. The regular and non-regular members of the Institute together with its honorary members wish to take an active part in shaping the social, environmental and economic perspective of the affected areas, for a sustainable future during and after the transition period.



Our actions – the Pathway

Have an employee engagement strategy to support and contribute to achieving the organisation's climate and environmental goals.

Our organization, members, and limited staff have an employee engagement strategy that included a total paperless working activities, a fully recycling daily operation (paper, plastic, biowaste)

During our daily operation in our small office of around 60 m2

We don’t print in paper ( 0 paper use)

We are collecting paper, plastic and biowaste for recycling (100% of our waste recycled)

We are working mostly during the day, to avoid wasting electricity ( -20% less electricity)

We use a high quality air-condition only for heating (-30% less electricity)

Status date: Submitted (10/02/2023)

Data source: Self-reported