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Natural Integrity - Global Women for Climate



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General Information

Natural Integrity - Global Women for Climate is an independent inclusive climate action movement established by an environmental scientist and facilitator of transformational change, Dr Monika Barcikowska.

Pathway Pledges


Pledge to provide free-of-cost support and mobilise the global community of women rising as leaders of climate action, particularly the women of the Global South. Our target is to have trained 50 GWfC ambassadors by the end of 2025.

Status date: Submitted (02/09/2023)

Data source: Self-reported

More information on the pledge

  • GWfC activities require climate awareness education and transformational leadership training that empower women to be a powerful, inspiring and motivating force for societal change.
  • Participants of the community will be offered a series of workshops that develop their environmental and social awareness as well as frameworks
  • The movement will provide an online space and framework for practising inner capacities and transformational leadership skills for sustainable development, such as Effective Communication and Collaboration, Integrity and Authentic Relating, Inclusive Mindset, Courage and Grit.
  • Participants will be offered cost-free workshops and coaching (one 2-hour workshop and 2 hours of coaching per month) that support women in developing self-care practices, inner resilience and confidence when navigating complexities and challenges.