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#NudgeForClimate: Instructions for applying nudge at school to combat climate change

#nudgeforclimate is a guide to the application of a nudge, that is of gentle thrusts, which can be applied by students, teachers, school staff to change some small or great behaviours that can have a decisive impact in combating climate change.


Publication date
3 August 2022


This is a practical guide with concrete examples of nudges. The examples collected here describe some of the applicable interventions at school aimed at changing people's behaviour to improve the impact of their actions in countering climate change, but without altering their choice and options. They are pushy, but gentle.

This guide is also a working method that can be used to involve children and students in becoming themselves "architects of choices" and, in doing so, to gain awareness about their choices and their behaviours. This approach, aimed at encouraging behaviour change, has gained popularity and is used by more and more administrations and governments to "push" citizens to choose a path towards well-being.

Author: Community of European Climate Pact Ambassadors in Italy (Euclipa)

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