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European Climate Pact
Pact Ambassador for Belgium

Marius lazdinis

Marius lazdinis
Thematic areas
  • green areas: flora, biodiversity
  • Belgium



I believe that natural ecosystems have a large potential to contribute to climate change mitigation. We only need to find a way to do this at a high speed (we have only seven years left to 2030 and only 27 to 2050) and at large scale. To attract the interest of numerous managers of natural ecosystems in the EU during these coming years, we need to come up with a very simple method which could be extrapolated fast to be applied at a vast scale. This means that: (1) carbon accounting must be very simple and cost-effective, (2) owners and managers of natural ecosystems must be attracted to participated in the instruments which facilitate carbon sequestration, (3) yet, the activity must show additionality and the result demonstrate the permanence aspect. With my knowledge of the forest sector, and my network of acquaintances, I would like to contribute to facilitating to the emergence of instruments - in marshland, afforestation and forest ecosystems - which meet these criteria.