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European Climate Pact

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Non-profit and public sector pledges

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Organisations (associations, charities, schools and universities, etc.) can help in the transition to climate neutrality. No matter the size, annual budget or number of employees, all non-profits can pledge to make a difference.

Local and regional government/authority pledges

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Cities, states and regions of all sizes have the power to motivate citizens and inspire change. The Climate Pact is looking for ambitious local governments and state authorities from cities to regions to make a pledge for the future.

Informal group pledges

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We can make a bigger difference when we work together. Informal groups such as work colleagues and neighbours can pledge together too.

Green/Sustainable Consumption Pledge

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Launched by DG JUST, the Green/Sustainable Consumption Pledge is a voluntary commitment taken by businesses to support sustainable consumption beyond what is required by law.