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European Climate Pact
non-profit organisationPolyhedra Labs gUG

Polyhedra Labs gUG





Agriculture, forestry and fishing; Arts, entertainment and recreation; Consultancy services; Education and research

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Pathway Pledges


We pledge to engage with elementary schools in the area and encourage them to plant at least one tree per class, and to bring their pupils to get in contact with nature (cycle and walk in the forest of the regions at least once a year) to learn about seasonal food, biodiversity, local ecosystems and how certain waste can be reduced and recycled.

We will initiate different actions, especially bringing educators and young people, to help locals to stir in the right direction having a systems perspective. In particular we will:

  • Organise planting trees sessions with various school classes of the area of Berlin and Potsdam (4 events aimed for 2022).
  • Prepare at least 4 online and physical training about natural ecosystems in the next year (e.g. mushrooms recollection).
  • Create editorial articles (at the beginning of) every season to create a community of practice with highlights on existing local initiatives.
  • Foster open-source educational materials, regarding food and food systems, to be shared on social media by the schools.

Where you choose to buy your food, products and clothes make a big difference to the planet. In particular, agriculture is responsible for almost a third of global greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. There are ways to produce the products you need that are much more climate-friendly. That is why we need to create awareness and propose co-participatory experiences for the society that help us understand.

Status date: Progress updated (12/05/2022)

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