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European Climate Pact





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Sustainability Mission

With Livre Para (a Social Good agency and event producer) we want to prove with our content and events that it is possible to work for the common good with joy, commitment and sustainability. Our aim with the pledge is to bring a sense of responsibility and urgency to all our goals and targets, to share our commitments and to learn from others and their journeys. We believe in the power of community and we want to be part of the change!

Organisation type

Pathway pledges

We pledge that in the coming year of 2022 we want to end all single-use plastics at our offices and events, bringing innovative options with the circular economy as a standard. Our pledge as Ambassadors for the EU Climate Pact is the goal to reduce to zero plastic consumption at the events that we create and produce and the goal to reduce the consumption of packaging at our offices, events and customer meetings.In addition to our pledge we wish to continue communicating about conscious consumption and sustainability with our online content and special events.


Have a target to reduce plastic consumption

Status date: Submitted (31/01/2022)

Data source:

Have a target to reduce packaging consumption

Status date: Submitted (31/01/2022)

Data source:


Progress update: 6/5/2023 - EU CLIMATE PACT | Livre Para

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