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Korean Association for UN Climate Change






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General Information

The Korean Association for UN Climate Change was established to assist the implementation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change's goal, to support civil society organisations by providing educational programs and other climate action initiatives in realizing the purpose and spirit of the UNFCCC, to promote exchanges between Korean-European citizens and UNFCCC, and to resolve climate change issues.


Pathway Pledges


Have an organisation-wide GHG emissions reduction target aiming to reduce 1 ton of GHG per person, achieving a total reduction of 27 tons with the help of the following actions:

  • Start a website page where staff (27 members) of Korean Association for UN Climate Change can submit a pledge to participate in the "reduce one ton of greenhouse gas per person" campaign.
  • Members who submitted their pledge to participate in the campaign to reduce greenhouse gases by one ton per person post photos of themselves acting to reduce greenhouse gases on their social media channels every week.
  • The photos posted by the participants( member of Korean Association for UN Climate Change) are calculated according to the calculation formula prepared by the association in advance.
  • Campaign-related social media content calls attention to the general public about the lifestyle of reducing greenhouse gases
  • At the end of each year, the participants who cut the most greenhouse gas emissions are awarded the prize.
  • The pledge will commence in June 2023, and commence by the end of 2024.

More information on the pledge

The following is an indicative formula defined by the Korean Climate and Environmental Network ( that will be used to calculate the emission reduction of the participant’s pledge:

  • Reduce the use of air conditioning by one hour (14.1 kgCO2)
  • Increase the air conditioning temperature by 2℃ (5.3 kgCO2)
  • Cleaning the air conditioning filter periodically (1.2 kgCO2)
  • Reduce boiler use by 1 hour (138.3 kgCO2)
  • Lower boiler heating temperature by 2℃ (71.4 kgCO2)
  • Prevent heat loss with insulation (71.4 kgCO2)
  • Cleaning the inside of the boiler periodically (55.3 kgCO2)
  • Reduce the use of electric pads by one hour (2.9 kgCO2)

Status: Submitted (02/28/2023)

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