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European Climate Pact






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General Information

The Jongerenmilieuraad collects the opinions of youth in the Netherlands about environmental topics and uses these opinions to develop policy recommendations for the government in the Netherlands.


GHG Emissions

Our actions – the Pathway

  • Promote sustainable practices within our organization to decrease our carbon footprint and inform about and promote sustainable practices among our members and among participants of our events

Status date: Submitted (30/07/2022)

Data source: Self-reported

More information on the target

By September 2023, completely transfer the financial accounts of the organization to a bank with a recognized track record of sustainable practice and investment.

Only invest in reusable and durable forms of promotion and merchandise for the organization, starting September 2022.

Regularly post on our social media about environmental topics and inform our followers on those topics.

By the end of 2022, we have a functional test version of our participation tool that can be used to inform youth about environmental issues and promote their participation in policy regarding these issues

By September 2023, have organized at least 2 events where members can acquire knowledge about specific environmental issues, and provide their input on these issues to relevant parties.