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European Climate Pact






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General Information

The only way for us to achieve the ambitious goals set in EU policy documents, is to start working on these goals bottom-up. Local communities and especially youth, have a strong voice in climate action, and we areI am working through civic initiatives to ensure that youth will always be heard.



Our actions – the Pathway

We pledge to Promote green transition in the region of South Aegean Islands

• By disseminating EU policies

• Helping the local community adopt a more sustainable way of living

• Organizing workshops to help the local community to engage with policy leaders to understand both how environmental degradation is impacting the local society and what the EU is doing to mitigate the damage

Status date: Submitted (03/04/2023)

Data source: Self-reported

More information on the pledge

The main target of this pledge is firstly, that all youth in South Aegean will be engaged in climate actions and secondly that local communities will adopt environmentally friendly practices in all aspcects of life. The project will start with disseminating information and in continuation transition workshops will be directed to local youth.