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European Climate Pact



Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Malta, Slovenia, Serbia

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General Information

Globcal International is a non-governmental organization based on a membership cooperative with a focus on sustainable development and international cooperation. In January of 2020 the organization became part of Ecology Crossroads to work globally as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a focus on the environment in undeveloped Indigenous nations and rural area of the Americas.

All of our projects, but specifically the ''33,000+ Square Kilometer Huottuja-De'aruhua (Piaroa People) Cultural, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Management Program'' share three common characteristic goals:

  1. make society more ecologically sustainable;
  2. create new sustainable economic opportunities working with the natural environment; and
  3. create philanthropic opportunities that provide mutual benefits between recipients and providers.

Our project addresses climate change by providing ecosystem services actively mitigating 100 million tons per year of atmospheric carbon dioxide with carbon sequestration in a natural carbon sink (biodiversity region) that is managed and occupied by the Indigenous Huottuja-De’aruhua Tribe (Piaroa People).

The project seeks to gain investors and sponsors that need to mitigate and reduce their carbon dioxide emissions from corporations and estates that are required to offset their annual footprint by enaging in Nature-based Solutions and Indigenous Payment for Ecosystem Services agreements. Our officers are also open to working with those interested in biodiversity preservation and Access Benefit Sharing Agreements with those that have exploited Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property or Indigenous Knowlege through their history.

Pathway Pledges


Our organization works directly with the chiefs of the Piaroa tribe that are beholding of an area equivalent in size to the country of Beligium. Over 95% of this forest area is pristine, it will be our job to ensure that 30-70% of this territory is protected.

Committing our organization to be carbon neutral in its operations through the following actions:

  • Have a publicly available forest policy, with well-defined goals and targets, that is used to inform internal decision-making,
  • Have a target to reforest/afforest/restore land in a sustainable way,
  • Commit to zero gross deforestation

Status date: Submitted (09/02/2023)

Data source: Self-reported