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Forestry Consortium KilometroVerde Parma





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Description of organisation

The Forestry Consortium KilometroVerde Parma creates permanent woods on the territory of Parma and the Province. The Forestry Consortium has 75 members.



Sustainability Mission

The forestry Consortium KilometroVerde Parma dedicates its mission to environmental sustainability and climate mitigation. The mission is to make the area greener and spread the values of sustainability to the community. Participating in this initiative will give us the opportunity to compare ourselves with other realities, and benefit from the experiences of other countries.



Our actions – the Pathway

By 2025, we have the goal of reaching 100.000 trees (with an interim pledge to plant about 25.000 plants every year)

Finding the land is the basis for fulfil our pledge. Being a consortium, the land is provided to us either by the Municipality of Parma or by companies in our territory who want to plant near their business. Some members of the consortium have yet to proceed with their planting. We dialogue with institutions, companies and private citizens in the territory for to achieve our goals. The consortium has already planted more than 46.000 plants among trees and shrubs, and we estimate that the CO2 absorbed is around 700 tons. The Consortium will initiate a project for the economic evaluation of ecosystem services. An analytical tool will be used to evaluate not only the investment costs and management of the areas but also the monetary quantification of the ecosystem services provided by the urban green.

More about this target

Our target audience is very wide. In addition to the companies and municipalities of the province of Parma, the consortium wants to involve farmers who could insert some forest elements in the vicinity of their cultivated land. The consortium also operates in the social field, in fact every year it promotes an educational project with elementary, middle and high schools in the Province of Parma to raise awareness among young people on environmental issues such as climate change and the importance of trees in city, for greater physical and mental well-being and better quality of life. At the end of the project, the students can plant trees in their own town with the help of experts in the field.

Status date: Progress updated (07/04/2023)

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