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European Climate Pact






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General Information

Change For Planet is an association founded in 2020 by a group of young people located throughout the Italian peninsula. Our goal is to accelerate sustainable development. On a practical level, we aim to increase climate literacy in order to have a real impact on local communities and we pursue goals of social utility by spreading an organizational model that is as horizontal and participatory as possible.



Our actions – the Pathway

Have a customer-engagement strategy to drive best practices in tackling environment and climate-related issues

• The pledge will consist of a summer school targeting youth (15-25 years) on June 8-10th in Florence to drive best practices related to environment and climate related issues.

• The aim of the summer school is to give youth knowledge on climate change issues, in particular the topics covered will be urbanity and heat islands, eco-feminism, European policy (climate pact) and foreign policies (UNFCCC), agri-food chains.

• In addition to training, the group will record videos for social media to spread the knowledge learned with their peers.

• During the three days there will also be nature excursions, team sports and social-dinner. Our goal is to reach more than 60 participants and 10.000 views via social media by the end of June 2023.

• In the 2024 Change for Planet will organize a second edition of the summer school aiming at reaching 20.000 views and 100 participants

Status date: Submitted (18/04/2023)

Data source: Self-reported