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European Climate Pact






Organisation type
Informal groups

General Information

Villa Tasca is an important monument located in Palermo, Sicily, surrounded by a 6-hectare park; an eighteenth- century style villa, founded in the 16th century. We wish to constitute a sustainable virtuous model that respects the environment and biodiversity, spurring public and private entities, but above all individual citizens, to imitate us*


Sustainability Mission

We believe that the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle that respects the environment is closely linked to the promotion of a culture of legality and respect for others, starting from everyone's daily life. The aim is to help consolidate a community that gradually rediscovers its cultural roots with a strong drive towards building a sustainable future. In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to network with other individuals and organisations that are sensitive in this regard.



The promotion of a sustainable lifestyle by the following actions:

  • Reduce the use of disposable plastic to zero in order to protect our park and above all to educate our park users to do the same outside of Villa Tasca, the measuring instrument will be the monitoring of invoices, we plan to implement the project by 2024; 
  • Increase environmental education, with the aim of helping the new generations to better face the climate challenges that await us, by organising transversal initiatives aimed at the youngest and, in particular, at schools, we plan to implement the project on a large scale by 2025
  • Increase biodiversity by introducing animal and plant species, creating suitable environments and breeding sites; the aim is to achieve greater resilience and environmental protection. We will measure the results progressively with the help of two naturalists who will draw up a periodic report; by the end of 2024 we will carry out a census of all animal and plant species present in Villa Tasca

Status date: Submitted (24/11/2022)

Data source: Self reported –