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European Climate Pact
private sector

Pro DS: PRograma Organizacional para el Desarrollo Sostenible (Organisational Programme for Sustainable Development)






Organisation type
Informal groups

General Information

The group consists of friends working towards the common goal of sustainable development.



Our actions – the Pathway

Pledge to dynamize and expand the movement of professionalization of internal teams in public-private organizations so that they become agents of change in their organization towards sustainability based on the 2030 Agenda - including on information relevant to the climate emergency through the following steps:

• Awareness-raising through events with public-private entities.

• Formation and training of transformation teams in public-private entities.

• Intervention in meetings, collaboration tables, work teams to align the 2030 agenda with the activities of the teams.

• Creation of ThinkTanks relevant to climate change

Status date: Submitted (19/04/2023)

Data source: Self-reported


More information on the pledge

The following metrics will be reported against to ensure impact:

- Number of trainings carried out

- Number of people trained

- Impact of awareness-raising

- Collaborations with impact companies

- Measurement of relevant data from attendees