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Parents for Future Munich




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Parents For Future Munich acts in many ways to make people aware of how serious the climate crisis is and how we can and must act. When we started in 2019 we mainly supported the demonstrations of Fridays for Future and helped with the mobilisation (distributed flyers and posters). Later we started to carry out a lot of different actions like:

  • organised demonstrations ourselves (The largest had 11.000 attendees in July 2019)
  • climate talks
  • use social media (facebook, instagram, twitter) to inform people
  • talk with politicians
  • in August and September 2021 we distributed more than 50.000 flyers to inform people regarding the general election in Germany that took place on 26.9.2021

...any many more things...

We pledge to continue with this work.

More specificly we will:

  • conduct at least 3 peer parliament sessions until end of January 2022 and
  • start conducting monthly, regular demonstrations in Munich no later than March 2022. We are in the process of initiating these demos and will contact as many groups in Munich as possible, that are engaged in climate protection, to bundle our efforts.

Status date: Completed (15/07/2022)

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