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European Climate Pact





Information Technology

Organisation type
Informal groups

General Information

The group consists of work colleagues of EVBox which has pioneered smart charging solutions for EVs since 2010.



Our actions – the Pathway

We pledge to continue innovating as well as engaging constructively with the EV ecosystem, civil society and policy-makers to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility as part of a multimodal transport system to enable a zero-emission future.

Activities in this pledge include investments and innovation in cleantech to enable emissions reduction in transport.

We will:

  • Expand our innovations and operations in Europe to enable more businesses to electrify - ongoing
  • Leverage EVBox’ Presidency of our sector association ChargeUp Europe to advocate for EU policies enabling transport electrification and Single Market in EV charging – 2023
  • We additionally pledge to do work on waste within EVBox, including waste management techniques, overall waste assessment and putting reduction plans in place

More information on the pledge

  • The pledge aimed at the EV ecosystem and policy-makers
  • EVBox is one of the key players in EV charging, having pioneered the tech since 2010 when EVs where still in their infancy. With our thought leadership comes the responsibility to speak up and inspire others to join the rEVolution in support of the Green Deal and Fit for 55.
  • Employees will support EV Box in (1) Signing the pledge to join SBTi and develop our science-based targets in 2023-2024 (2) Working together with the EV ecosystem to agree on a harmonized formula to calculate saved Co2 emissions when driving electric (3) Measuring scope 1,2,3 and put in place carbon reduction plans internally and within our supply chain in 2023

Status date: Submitted (8/5/2023)

Data source: Self-reported