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European Climate Pact






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Informal groups

Company Information

Ecoviu is a mobile app where any Catalonian citizen can find sustainable activities and climate actions. Users can find and join events that have been organised to make the planet better. NGOs, climate entities, ecoviu itself and organisers from the area, upload their sustainable events into the platform so that more people knows about them and they can come.


Sustainability Mission

Ecoviu is focused on environmental sustainability and climate action. The mission is to involve more people in the actions that are being undertaken by climate organisations. More people helping means a much bigger positive impact.


GHG Emissions

Our actions – the Pathway

The promotion of a sustainable lifestyle by the following actions:

  • Organise at least 48 activities that have a positive impact on the environment in 2023 – including beach cleanups, mountain clean ups, plogging, reforestations, maintenance of plantations and conferences to improve environmental education. All of these actions will be done in Barcelona, where we are based and we have knowledge of the areas that are more contaminated. 
  • Cleanup at least 1000 kilograms of trash from mountains and beaches of Barcelona area. We will use our own resources in terms of equipment so that no volunteer has to bring anything.

Status date: Submitted (24/11/2022)

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