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European Climate Pact
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We want to exert influence on politicians, industry, transport, and private households to reduce production processes and heating, and on urban planning, in order to reduce the climate warming to the maximum defined by the EU and the global society.

I promise together with our group that we engage in achieving European climate aims by convincing local politicians and entrepreneurs in the city of Hameln and in our district of Hameln-Pyrmont about necessary measures. We consider following measures to be necessary:

  • Change the use of energy from fossil resources to renewable energy
  • reduce individual driving of cars in our towns by promoting public transport and construction of bicycle roads
  • produce and sell goods from local or European resources (not plastic products and garment from far east, beef and soy from South America)
  • allow and support planted facades of houses for cooling and moistening the surrounding
  • allow and support facades and roofs equipped with photovoltaic systems
  • more land must stay green, so look for less unnecessary areas of land to be sealed by following measures:

            - provide attractive flats and homes for elder people in the center of the town
            - if the elder people move into the center, they will leave property at the outskirts of the town
            - these properties can be sold or rented to young people and families who need not build their own houses

  • push technical innovations that provide better sustainability than used up to now
  • support common good organizations
  • approach every individual, animal, and nature with dignity.

We act ourselves accordingly and participate at actions, e.g. planting of oak trees in our woods, collecting plastic rubbish from the Weser river, broadcasting "Messages to the World", attending worldwide "Dignity Conferences". Our group has started beginning last year and we want to keep going step for step without keeping a special timeline.

We describe our group "DignityNowHameln" as follows: "We are local participants in an international movement of experts and laypeople, a think tank for future matters. We are interested in a holistic approach to sustainable solutions for the future in all aspects. Our current task is to cooperate locally in order to meet the climate aims of the European Union. When it comes to respecting the dignity of all living beings on earth and harmonizing nature and technology, we are happy to do our part. " 

Status date: Progress updated (23/05/2022)

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