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General Information

The project Cycling for Trees was established in August 2022, started with the goal to collect EUR 3000 and plant 140 trees. Then, when in October our journey towards Morocco started, we increased the goal to EUR 5000. A partnership was for formed with Wownature ( to get the permissions to implement the project. The project developed further and got approved by the Lombardia region



Our actions – the Pathway

We pledge to implement a first-of-a-kind reforestation project in the Province of Brescia. The ultimate goal of the project is to plant 4000 trees, as well as to make sure these trees will grow healthily, becoming a verdant forest, so that there will be an effective positive impact on the area such as: absorbtion of CO2, regeneration of the reserve and a new habitat for local animals.

The Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve is considered a “humid area” and plays a very important role in balancing a fragile ecosystem. The target now is to plant 4000 trees and build new water tanks to preserve fresh water in the dry summer months.

The crowdfunding campaign is open until April 2023 so we are aiming to reach the EUR 5000 – 100 donators have already been identified, in addition to several local sponsors.

The plantation event will include inviting participants to cycle from Brescia to the nature reserve: the goal is to try to sensitize everyone to not use polluting vehicles: the bicycle would be the best option, but if someone will not feel to ride, the train can be used - this would be a strong message: we must change our way to commute and move around, favoring green ways of transportation.

The plantation event will also serve food and drinks - the food will be vegetarian and there will be a speech about the importance of our eating habits and how it can impact climate change.

Status date: Submitted (03/04/2023

Data source: Self-reported


More information on the pledge:

The province was targeted because the province is heavily industrialized and requires radical actions to return greenery to the city. 

Once the plantation is complete, the exact amount of CO2 to be captured and absorbed by the project can be calculated.