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European Climate Pact



Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain



Organisation type
Informal groups

General Information

CULTURAD stands for - Enhancing European CULTural and creative practices to empower civic engagement and address the risk of RADicalisation among youth. The group consists of University of the Basque Country, Research and Education in Social Empowerment and Transformation- RESET LTD, Rinova Málaga Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal, SYMPLEXIS, CENTRO INTERCULTURALE ARTISTICO SICILIANO - LA GUILLA, and Visual Voices.



Our actions – the Pathway

To carry out green practices and environmentally sustainable management of the CULTURAD Project

  • Footprint of transnational face-to-face meetings vs. online meetings
  • Sustainable event management & sustainable catering
  • Use of hybrid-event designs
  • Inclusion of sustainability-related questions in our evaluations
  • Use of digital platforms for provision of training materials and resources to save on prints
  • Use of online-based monitoring and evaluation questionnaires as well as QR codes for links to questionnaire

Status date: Submitted (23/03/2023)

Data source: Self-reported

More information on the pledge:

  • Measuring footprint of transnational face-to-face meetings vs. online meetings, local networks against food waste, priority to Green suppliers’ database, sustainable catering, and land-bound travelling/carpooling
  • 6 online meetings for performance testing and control (M1, M6, M9, M16, M18, M29).
  • Three face-to-face transnational project meetings (M2-Cyprus, M12- Greece, M24- Spain) for performance testing and planning of upcoming activities ensuring that throughout the meeting sustainable and environmentally practices will be ensured such as:

- Sustainable event management & catering during our Alignment workshop in March 2023, Train – the- Trainers online event in January 2024, Transnational Virtual Roundtables in June 2024

- Dissemination (24month period) by the use of green digital marketing and upcycled dissemination items

- Evaluation (24month period) by the use of green digital marketing and upcycled dissemination items