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In 2022, Climate and Cities will release a research report showcasing creative investigations that started in January 2020. The investigations address eight themes: air quality, noise pollution and mental health, greenwashing at the Olympics game, urban trees, urban allotments, plastics, the ecological impact of artificial intelligence training, and global dimming. These investigations have aimed to discover new narratives for climate action through the creative process, to identify and propose solutions to encountered blocks in the field. These solutions have taken diverse forms such as a video game, a video, a book, an interactive artwork, a series of workshops, speculative stories and design proposals. After the launch of the research report, Climate and Cities will host an exhibition and make the results public and accessible online.

The overarching vision of Climate and Cities is to question 'What does a thriving green city look like in 50 years?'. Our mission is to investigate, research and support new futures and narratives for the climate in the urban environment. We want to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable (and fun to engage with). Our five goals are: living symbiotically with the environment, being inclusive, applying circular thinking, using creative and engaging thinking and promoting knowledge exchange. We measure those through specific, measurable, attainable and time-bound parameters.

Status date: Progress updated (22/01/2023)

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