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Becoming Greener - Innobound



Greece, Italy, Spain

Organisation type
Informal groups

General Information

Becoming Greener is a scientific divulgation and communication initiative willing to share best practices and green technologies that allow citizens and SME's get closer to European Green Deal Framework. It has three main actions:

  1. Green Lifestyle Practice: Sharing by the blog and social media best practices for a greener and more sustainable alternative life in different formats: PDF Guides, Video spots
  2. Becoming Greener Podcast: Divulgating interviews of Greentech, Cleantech, and aggrotech initiative from Spain, in 45min podcast format. The idea is to get people close to state-of-the-art green technologies in a simple language. We will be nurturing our Eco-Initiative Spain Map.
  3. Eco-Marketplace APP: We are willing to design an app where people and the community can find eco-products close to their neighborhood

Pathway Pledges


Promoting Spanish Greener Innovation, specifically GreenTech, Clean Tech, and AgroTech initiatives so SMEs get closer to the EU Green Deal objective

We pledge for this 3:

  • PHASE 1: Eco-System: We would like to map the main stakeholders of Ecological Movements, starting with Valencia-Spain to help people understand who is who? and who is doing what?. Seeking opportunities of radical collaboration sustainable projects that help conquer becoming greener cities challenge.
  • PHASE 2: Training Lab: Creating training for Startups Accelerators and incubators that help to understand the challenges of the European Green Deal and how they can contribute from their initiative. The main idea is creating a new green business and the entrepreneurship mindset.
  • PHASE 3: Greennovation: Promote green innovation labs, and co-innovative events support network, successfully experience financial opportunities for this green transition: The plan includes creating an event/guide where you can find the green entrepreneurs of Valencia and the actors supporting green entrepreneurship.

Status date: Submitted (11/12/2022)

Data source: Self-reported