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European Climate Pact






Organisation type
Informal groups

General Information

Alan Cappelli is an actor, producer and climate advocate. He seeks to use his social media influence and reach to advocate for substantial climate action. He aims to first create a community of "earth lovers" that can support, first, the creation and, later, the diffusion of different kinds of materials (media kit, scripts, footage) in order to provide the best possible involvement for the informal group. His ‘informal group’ expands to his online and offline audience.



Our actions – the Pathway

Positively influence a targeted audience ranging between 40,000-200,000 social media accounts every month, with and average of 15,000 people with every video through the following steps:

  • Attend, promote and create public social events in squares, schools, cultural shows, movie festivals to increase awareness about how urgent it is to tackle climate change with everyday actions, trying to keep the attention high even in events that are focused more on entertainment rather than topics like this.
  • Produce specific content with punctuality, through reliable sources, and share them online to make the informal group aware and make them take action asking for feedback and evidence of change
  • Create an informal team of earth lovers - between colleagues, agencies and followers - that can resonate with the topics and help build essential consent and concrete works that will turn into effective actions. For instance, being in the Committee of the Soho House Members club, I will regularly organize ‘edutainment’ events to promote awareness in the members of the House aiming to create a community.
  • Push movie production houses to cater vegan food.
  • Produce and distribute through the network more traditional-like media (such as documentaries, in-depth interviews etc) in order to set a statement that will be available and reach all those that are less involved in the previously mentioned sector (schools, squares, social media, etc..)

Status date: Submitted (01/27/2023)

Data source: Self-reported

More information on the pledge

  • The timelines set are 2 years for more ambitious projects like documentaries and 6 months for public events/online edutainment (educational entertainment).