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European Climate Pact
Pact Ambassador for Cyprus

Eleni Apostolidou

Eleni Apostolidou
Thematic areas
  • energy
  • green buildings, renovation wave
  • Cyprus



In my role as a Climate Change Ambassador, I bring a distinctive blend of expertise and fervour to the cause, which complements my background as a Ph.D. candidate specialising in Energy and Sustainability. My intended initiatives center on closing the divide between state-of-the-art research and practical, implementable solutions. I intend to collaborate with academic institutions, industry influencers, and policymakers to communicate the most recent discoveries in climate science and sustainable energy technologies. Through partnerships, workshops, and advocacy for policy reform, I strive to stimulate inventive approaches that effectively address the challenges posed by climate change. Whether it involves nurturing cross-disciplinary discussions, advancing the adoption of renewable energy sources, or championing policies grounded in evidence, my goal is to serve as a catalyst for transformative change and an exemplar of well-informed leadership in the field of climate action.