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European Climate Pact
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What is the European Climate Pact?

An overview of the European Climate Pact, its objectives, and the wide range of opportunities it offers.


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14 March 2024
European Climate Pact
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  • Pact community (member)
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  • Find out more about climate change and policy
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  • Climate science
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Just transition


The European Climate Pact is a European Commission initiative striving to bring together individuals, organisations and communities in the fight against climate change. It creates a space to learn, connect with others and develop and implement solutions to build a more sustainable future.

The Climate Pact is part of the European Green Deal, and provides tools and resources for everyone to take climate action – no matter how big or small. You can get involved whether you are just starting out on your climate action journey or already working to make a difference in your world.

What is the European Climate Pact


28 FEBRUARY 2024
What is the Climate Pact?