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European Climate Pact

Don’t Look Up toolkit

Ready to look up and do something about climate change?


Publication date
3 March 2022


Count Us In developed an action toolkit with different actions for individuals to engage with the Climate Pact initiative via the Don’t Look Up movie and take action.

The Don’t Look Up action guide will help you kickstart meaningful discussion around the themes addressed in Don’t Look Up and support you in inspiring action in your community.

The Don’t Look Up action toolkit gives you various steps to take action after watching the movie.

Social media visuals are also available to share your actions online.

Author: Count Us In


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3 MARCH 2022
Don't Look Up x EU Climate Pact Toolkit
(2.37 MB - PPTX)
3 MARCH 2022
Don't Look Up_Social media assets
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3 MARCH 2022
Don't Look Up - Discussion _ Action Guide
(3.67 MB - PDF)