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Meet the European Climate Pact Ambassadors – people passionate about climate action and making change happen.

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  • European Climate Pact Ambassador in Italy

Carmela Giambrone

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European Climate Pact Ambassador in Italy

Sono una giornalista e mi occupo di ambiente e stili di vita sostenibili da quasi 15 anni, con articoli ma anche con workshop, formazioni, consulenza per didattica, imprese e PA. Lavoro come consulente alla sostenibilità, sono autrice di training formativi di sostenibilità ambientale d’impresa inoltre mi occupo di realizzare eventi sostenibili. 
Desidero diffondere il valore del rispetto del Pianeta a 360 gradi ecco perché l'essere ambasciatrice sarebbe un vero onore per me.

[I am a journalist and I have been dealing with the environment and sustainable lifestyles for almost 15 years, with articles but also with workshops, training, consultancy for teaching, companies and PA. I work as a sustainability consultant, I am the author of training on corporate environmental sustainability and I also deal with sustainable events. I want to spread the value of respect for the Planet at 360 degrees, which is why being an ambassador would be a real honor for me.]

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circular economy / sustainable consumptionclimate education & awareness raisinggreen areas: trees, biodiversitygreen buildings, renovation wavegreen skillsoceans and other water-relatedsustainable foodzero pollution