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European Climate Pact
European Climate Pact Ambassador in Turkey

Vatan Çağlar Babacan

Vatan Çağlar Babacan
Thematic areas
climate education & awareness raisingenergysustainable food



European Climate Pact Ambassador in Turkey

I have a dream! Why wouldn't a zero even negative carbon world be possible?

I am an economist working in the field of sustainable development and ecological agriculture. I know I can do a lot for our planet. I will carry out local studies that will raise global awareness about the effects and solutions of the climate crisis. Four out of ten young people do not want to have children because of the climate crisis. We young people will face the negative consequences of the climate crisis the most. The responsibility and leadership of solving the destruction caused by the climate crisis is also the responsibility of us young people. I will fight for it!

We can build a completely different world, it's possible!