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Знаме на Европейския съюз Знаме на Европейския съюз
European Climate Pact
European Climate Pact Ambassador in United Kingdom

Rajesh Ananda

Rajesh Ananda
Thematic areas
climate education & awareness raisinggreen areas: trees, biodiversityoceans and other water-relatedsustainable food
United Kingdom



European Climate Pact Ambassador in United Kingdom

My focus is to help change people’s consciousness about climate change, nature and the planet through non-denominational meditation, spiritual unfoldment.  I will also use my public lectures and events, both on and offline,  and social media channels to keep this subject at the forefront of people’s minds. When there will be a greater feeling of connection to nature and to the planet, we will engage to look after it in a better way and ensure it is preserved for the generations to come.