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Знаме на Европейския съюз Знаме на Европейския съюз
European Climate Pact
European Climate Pact Ambassador in Belgium

Jonas Nitschke

Jonas Nitschke
Thematic areas
climate education & awareness raisingenergygreen areas: trees, biodiversitygreen buildings, renovation wavegreen skillsoceans and other water-relatedsustainable food



European Climate Pact Ambassador in Belgium

I am a Climate Pact Ambassador and use my networks in politics, diplomacy and on the grassroots level in youth-led think tanks to raise awareness that youth has been sidelined in a lot of major political decisions. I also want to bring young activists together with politicians, scientists in a format of roundtables and climate talks to tackle the most urgent environmental problems. Therefore, I am bringing together people from the commission and youth representatives to work on solutions.