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European Climate Pact
European Climate Pact Ambassador in Serbia

Bogdan Gajčanin

As a consultant and teacher of entrepreneurship, I focus on bridging the gap between innovation, technology and the circular economy to equip students as agents of change, while advancing companies’ efforts to tackle their waste and carbon footprint.

Ambassador Bogdan Gajčanin
Thematic areas
energygreen areas: trees, biodiversitygreen buildings, renovation wavesustainable transport



European Climate Pact Ambassador in Serbia

As an interconnected world, the problems of "a few" are nonexistent, and mishandling of industries by some become a burden to all. These burdens aren't just economical and societal, but ecological.

As a world society we must strive for a better and efficient lifestyle, a vision for greatness.

The solutions lie in the strength and persistence of many. As an engineer, I'm one of many who will fulfill the dream of a healthy, united, and efficient world, and engineers turn dreams into a reality!