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Знаме на Европейския съюз Знаме на Европейския съюз
European Climate Pact
European Climate Pact Ambassador in Belgium

Aymeric Amand

Aymeric Amand
Thematic areas
climate education & awareness raisingenergygreen areas: trees, biodiversityoceans and other water-related



European Climate Pact Ambassador in Belgium

In a time where “facts are uncertain, values in dispute, stakes high, and decisions urgent” (Funtowicz and Ravetz, 1993: 744), effective communication and informed policy-making have never been more crucial. My objective as a Climate Pact Ambassador will be to explain the science behind climate change in an accessible way to the student body, both in schools and at university, and to equip them with the tools to better grasp the complexity of current environmental challenges.