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European Climate Pact
European Climate Pact Ambassador in Poland

Tomasz Ordza

As a science teacher I believe that international projects implemented through Erasmus+ promote not only reliable scientific knowledge, but also pro-science and pro-environmental attitudes. I am also the eTwinning programme ambassador for Poland.

Ambassador Tomasz Ordza
Thematic areas
climate education & awareness raisingenergygreen areas: flora, biodiversitygreen buildings, renovation wavegreen skillsoceans and other water-relatedsustainable food



As a teacher, I believe that education should contribute to the discussion on ecologically, socially and economically important topics.

International projects implemented by means of the eTwinning or Erasmus+ platform promote not only reliable scientific knowledge, but also pro-environmental attitudes which serve to maintain biological balance, transnational cooperation and also climate protection.

Let us get local communities on board, so act locally, think globally. Let's do it!