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European Climate Pact
European Climate Pact Ambassador in Germany

Evolena de Wilde d'Estmael

Evolena de Wilde d'Estmael
Thematic areas
circular economy / sustainable consumptionclimate education & awareness raisinggreen areas: flora, biodiversitygreen buildings, renovation wavejust transitionsustainable foodsustainable transportzero pollution



I am the co-founder & managing director of Faircado a green tech company making our economies more circular, and of Solidartsy, a social non-profit empowering women artists. I am also a climate activist at Generation Climate Europe, lobbying for stronger climate regulation at a EU level. I am a member of the Greentech Alliance and Leader for Climate Action. I am originally from Belgium, now living in Berlin, where I dedicate my life to building a better, fairer, greener future for our planet.